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If you are considering implants as a solution to missing teeth, Joanna Kleckner DDS is well-connected in Cuyahoga Falls and can refer patients to an appropriate specialist when needed. We partner with local specialists to help you replace a missing tooth with a permanent tooth that functions and feels just like to a natural tooth. With the latest technologies available, implants are a perfect option to restore your smile.

While dental implants have a high success rate, an implant is not immune to problems. Regular dental visits, x-rays, and cleanings are recommended to maintain your implant, just as they do with natural teeth. Despite proper installation and regular oral hygiene, however, it is possible for a dental implant to require additional treatment. The most common long-term implant problem is a loss of bone or recession of the gum tissue around the implant itself. Grafting and/or minor adjustments to the bite help to reverse or stop the deteriorating implant. When you invest in a dental implant, remember it’s just as important to maintain regular routine care to maintain your best oral health.

Dr. Kleckner is experienced in caring for patients with dental implants. If your dental implant is in need of treatment, contact Joanna Kleckner DDS.

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