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Even with the most comprehensive preventative dentistry, cavities happen. With tooth colored fillings able to replace decayed tooth enamel, your mouth can be easily repaired in a natural cosmetic and comfortable way.

Safer and more aesthetically pleasing than the silver amalgam of the past, Dr. Kleckner and her staff can quickly fill any cavities. When you leave the office, your filling is completely set and finished. You are able to chew and function normally on your new restoration. Dr. Kleckner and her team will let you know if any special at-home care is required.

Newly restored teeth may be more sensitive than other areas for a few weeks after treatment. Sometimes, sensitivity toothpaste, such as Sensodyne, helps during this healing phase. Larger restorations tend to be more sensitive than smaller ones, and some people experience more sensitivity than others. Please call us if you have concerns or questions following any treatment you receive. If you are in severe pain after this type of appointment, please call us right away so that we may evaluate your symptoms and provide any necessary care.

Dr. Kleckner and her team look forward to helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime and maintaining a bright, healthy smile. Call us to schedule an appointment to treat any possible cavities.

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