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When an entire arch or part of an arch is without teeth, it is uncomfortable and often embarrassing. Dentures and partial dentures are great options to remedy missing teeth. Personalized dentures can be fabricated to restore your smile simply and effectively. Implants are often used to improve the retention and fit of dentures.

New prosthetic teeth can take time to get used to at first. It is normal to develop sore spots after initial placement or after any adjustments. If you notice soreness in your gum tissue or in any connecting teeth, please call us for an adjustment appointment. Sore spots can also develop if food lodges underneath or around your dentures.

It is important to remove the dentures and rinse your mouth with water after meals. In addition, brush and floss your remaining teeth to keep them free of plaque and food debris. For the best health and fit, bring all appliances with you to your routine cleaning appointments for evaluation.

Dr. Kleckner loves to see patients smile again. Regain confidence today by calling us to begin the denture or partial process.

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