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If you have had a single tooth extraction or sustained trauma to a tooth, a bridge may be just the right solution. A bridge is used to replace a single missing tooth when it is situated between natural teeth.

An artificial tooth will be bonded into place to restore your smile and add stability. Using the neighboring teeth as anchors, the new addition will fit perfectly between your natural teeth. Dental bridges were developed as an alternative to partial dentures. For a long time, the removable denture appliance was the only option for single tooth replacement. Bridges are now available as a bonded, permanent alternative for more reliable wear. Utilizing crowns on both sides of the new tooth, a bridge bonds the replacement tooth to the remaining healthy teeth that lie on either side of the gap. Bridges are modern and metal-free.

Dr. Kleckner and her staff enjoy enhancing their patients’ already beautiful and strong smiles with bridges. Call our Cuyahoga Falls office today to begin the process.

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