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Preventative care appointments every 3 to 6 months help smiles stay healthy for a lifetime. By keeping up with regular visits to Joanna Kleckner DDS for routine dental cleanings and exams, you can avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease down the road. This is important as tooth decay (cavities) can weaken a tooth to the point of extensive and costly restorative dental procedures. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and can affect a number of other aspects of your general health, like diabetes and heart disease.

We believe healthy mouths should be maintained with a thorough cleaning at least every 6 months, up to about age 70. After age 70, we believe it is best to increase the frequency of care every 3 months, due to increased risk of inflammation and disease as we age. If your mouth is not in optimal health, more frequent cleanings may be recommended at any age. Ask us if you have questions or concerns about the frequency of your checkups.

Our dentists combine their knowledge and experience to provide the insight your smile deserves. The key to lasting oral health success is comprehensive, regular care, so we look forward to seeing your smile at least twice a year! We love meeting our neighbors and being a staple of the Cuyahoga Falls community. Contact us to make an appointment for your next dental checkup.

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